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Pursuant to Chapter 379.352 F.S.:
Each applicant for a recreational license, permit or authorization number shall provide her or his social security number.
Disclosure of social security numbers obtained through this requirement shall be limited to the purposes of administration of the Title IV-D program for child support enforcement.
This information will not be provided to third parties or other government agencies unless required by state or federal law.
Please note that the public records law requires that all information (excluding Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers) received in connection with state business be made available to anyone upon request unless the information is subject to a specific statutory exemption.

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The information you entered appears to be invalid – please try again. If you receive this message and you are sure your information is correct and is registered with the FWC, please visit your local Tax Collector or Sales Agent with your identification cards. Otherwise, you may click the button below to register as a non-resident or non-US Citizen.
  • I live out of state. Can I use the online system?
    Yes! The online system is for residents and visitors.
  • How long will it take for me to get my license?
    By using the online system you will be able to print your license immediately.